320 // Unisex Tri-blend


It took us almost 7 years, but we've found the softest shirt material EVER. You'll absolutely love the feel of this shirt. If you end up sleeping in it too, we won't blame you...we never take ours off either. :)

The original unisex tri-blend shirt for a true vintage feel. Perfect for anything from bumming around the house to hitting the trails to adding character and personality under a jacket or blazer. A modern shirt for the modern human.

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Designed and Printed in Minnesota - by Minnesotans, for Minnesotans. Free U.S. shipping on all orders!

A portion of the profits from this and every item we sell goes to Cancer Research. Learn more here.

Fit Details: Our tees are a unisex style built on a Men's retail sizing. They are slightly slim-fitting because of the vintage tri-blend fabric, which has a tendency to be a little grabby in certain places. In my opinion (this is Mark, by the way), I find them to be perfectly accurate to the size I order in all of my other clothes, except when I've eaten one too many Jucy (Juicy?) Lucy's. So it depends a bit on how tight or loose you like your shirts. For women, given the slimmer fitting nature, we suggest just going down a single size from your typical clothing size (e.g. if you normally wear a Women's Medium, order a Small in these tees). Either way, don't forget we have totally free returns and exchanges, so we'll get you the right fit one way or the other!

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